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The entire M4 Group is aligned behind one mission: Building long-term value to all of our clients through superior customer service.

We at M4 believe in a unique and customized approach to each and everyone of our customers - whether you are a domestic ethanol producer, global intermodal shipper or a shortline railroad. We have all of your needs covered. Through our experienced staff, we are able to perform in almost all aspects of transportation, from railcar leasing and logistics as well as asset finance and management.

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M4 Railcar can employ the right railcar for your needs. We offer both new and used railcars to purchase and lease across numerous commodity types. We also offer asset lease back agreements, allowing car owners to remove the ownership burden and free up cash for other business needs. This allows for further investment and greater flexibility in transportation asset needs. We have a vast array of manufacturing and maintenace contacts across North America and overseas. M4 should be your first point of contact if you are looking to expand your rail fleet either through leasing or purchasing new cars. Our tailored finance solutions are designed to help manage the asset purchases in the most cost effective way.

Sales and Leasing

Through our own fleet and cars from our leasing partners, M4 is able to supply many car types across multiple commodity sectors. We are always looking at our fleet balance and we look to add cars to our portfolio throughout the year. Whether you need tanks for a short term lease or are looking to add hoppers under a longer term commitment, M4 has all your needs covered.


M4 works with shortline and private rail partners to expand and develop their operations. As well as access to project funding, the group is able to provide their business and industry knowledge to further add value to any project. Rail infrastructure plays a huge role in the success of North America and investment is key to maintain rail as a major component in the transport mix.


Our logistics team are here to help both lessee and shipper with all aspects of the rail logistics process. We have in-house experts on freight billing, railcar storage, maintenance and repair. Our service to you, our clients, continues throughout our lease and beyond.

We are currently updating our inventory and this will be available through the website shortly.



The M4 Finance Group is aligned behind one mission: Delivering superior, long-term investment results and service.

We specialize in the rail asset and infrastructure financing and investment. Whether you need to lease or finance new or used railcars, intermodal containers or fixed rail operations, we can tailor a finance program that meets your needs. Let us maximize your cash flow and leave your bank facilities intact.

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Aligned with client success
We base our decisions on a long-term perspective, which we believe aligns our goals with the interests of our clients. Achieving superior, long-term success is our only goal, so our product managers are rewarded for their results, not the level of assets they manage. Collectively, M4 Finance associates are significant investors in the company's product offerings.
Our philosophy is based on doing what we believe is right for our clients
We possess long-term relationships with each of our clients which is heavily influenced by the results over one-, three-, five and eight-ten year plus periods. Increasing weight is placed on each product M4 Finance offers to encourage a long-term approach.
M4 is built to last
As a private capital firm, we are able to invest in our capabilities through rail, containers, shipping, trading and other investments. Our M4 professionals are among the most experienced in the industry.
Why you, our clients, matter
M4 Groups of companies have generations of knowledge over multiple industries and markets that provides our clients an experience advantage. The entire M4 Group is aligned behind one mission: Building long-term value to all of our clients through superior customer service.